Linda Peckham, RN

Director of Nursing Services

Linda Peckham, director of Nursing, Dr. Donald Derolf, Medical Director, and Dr. Bruce Davey, inventor of the Silhouette Wound Camera and President and CEO of Aranz Medical (New Zealand)
Linda has 30 years of experience in long term care with a specialty in Alzheimer’s Disease and related dementia care. In addition to her degree in nursing, she also holds a BA in physiological psychology for which she has performed extensive research, cognitive skills and behavior management.

Linda is a recognized author, speaker and trainer in the understanding and care of those with Alzheimer’s Disease and other diseases causing dementia. ¬†She has facilitated many support groups for families, children and those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s including a current support/education group for families at St. Clare-Newport.

Linda has been involved in the design and launch of special care units in several states and has worked with architectural firms to develop therapeutic environments for the elderly.

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